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Climber Medicals & Chester Step

Medicals for those who work at heights and who access or climb to heights

Working at heights poses obvious hazards associated with work involving climbing structures, accessing structure at height and the risk of falling from a height.

Climber medicals assess the fitness to work at heights where any existing medical condition might be aggravated by heights i.e., neurological conditions resulting in dizziness, current medication.

This medical includes:

  • Chester Step Test assessing aerobic capacity

  • Vision test, distance vision requires to be at least 6/142 in both eyes with or without glasses

  • Pulse- this is assessed to determine there is no irregular or rapid pulse​

  • Peripheral vision is also assessed.

  • ​Blood pressure

  • Height/Weight

  • Skin Check 

  • Spirometry

  • Musculoskeletal

  • ​Urinalysis

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