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Health Screening Services

Health Screening for early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues

Our medicals are evidence based and the clinical tests carried out and lab results allow your doctor to determine any health risk(s) and report on.

We offer ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Executive’ health screens and when you attend for your medical the whole clinical appointment time is spent with the doctor.  Larger clinics often have a system in place where their technicians’ carry out the medical tests and the doctor spends 20 minutes with you at the end of your medical.

We take a different approach where our medicals are doctor led; we find that this time with the doctor allows for a better insight into your healthcare needs, there is enough time for full discussion on any health issues that may concern you and the focus of the medical can then be directed to the area(s) that are important to you. 

Health screens can be offered as part of a company’s employee benefits package and demonstrate the employer’s commitment to their employee’s health and wellbeing.​

Our Health Screens include:

  • Doctor led – no technicians  

  • Lifestyle Health Questionnaire, Full Medical Examination & Report

  • Height, Weight, BMI, Height: Waist Ratio

  • Body Composition

  • Peak Flow

  • Spirometry 

  • Urinalysis

  • ​Bloods, Full Blood Count, Lipids including Cholesterol, Liver function, kidney function

  • PSA for Over 50’s or where clinically indicated

  • Resting ECG for over 50’s

  • Blood glucose

  • QRisk assessments for diabetes and heart disease

  • Onward private referral if required to see a specialist is efficient and fast

Things to note

As part of a health screen/medical if you require a chest x-ray or an Exercise Tolerance Test we would refer you onward for this service. 

We do not offer paternity testing or travel vaccinations, travel clinics specialise in this area and we would direct you on this pathway to meet your travel vaccination requirements.

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