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The perfect solution for crowding or protruding of your top teeth

The Inman Aligner system can provide fast results within 3-6 months

As time goes by, your teeth may tend to shift sometimes causing your front top and bottom teeth to become crooked. At first glance, you must think you need braces, however with the patented Inman Aligner your front teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position quickly and effectively in a matter of weeks. This occasionally happens for adults who had orthodontic treatment when they were younger, which often results in some crowding or rotations of front teeth.​

This system is an alternative to Invisible Braces that; 

  • Allows you to achieve great results using just one appliance. 

  • Can give you a wonderful smile with less hassle and expense in a shorter period of time. 

  • Can be removed and inserted as easily as a retainer.​

A few things to know about the Inman Aligner



Will treatment with the Inman Aligner be uncomfortable?

No. Due to the gentle but steady orthodontic forces generated, the appliances are easily tolerated. It may be wise to take some mild pain killers for the first few days while you adjust though.

Will the Inman Aligner affect my speech?

Yes, the Inman Aligner will affect your speech for a week or two, however you should quickly acclimate to the appliances over time and be able to speak fine with them in place.

Will my teeth move back?

Provided you wear a retainer at night that will be supplied to you and follow the professional advice and instruction of your dentist, your teeth should remain in their final position.

Will I need to see you frequently for adjustments?

The Inman Aligners are pre-programmed to reduce the need for multiple visits to our clinic. Here at City Health Clinic in Edinburgh our dentists will prescribe a treatment to suit your needs. The Inman Aligner utilises a lingual coil spring that puts pressure on the teeth that need repositioning and a labial bar that reverses the same pressure. These components work together to "squeeze" teeth together by pushing and pulling them into alignment. It will take about one week of wearing the Inman Aligner to become acclimated. Like anything foreign to your mouth, it may cause you to salivate more than usual for 24 to 48 hours and could affect your speech for 7 to 10 days. You have the option of not wearing the appliance, however, the longer you wear the Inman Aligner the quicker the results. It is recommended that you wear the appliance for at least 16 to 20 hours a day.

0% Finance available for any dental treatments over £500.00,  subject to terms and conditions

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