Private Medical Services

A great healthcare service at your convenience 

City Health Clinic - providing healthcare of the highest standard

We provide healthcare services in a relaxed clinical environment where our doctors offer high calibre medical care and advice in a welcoming relaxed atmosphere.

Based in central Edinburgh, our dedicated professional medical team are committed to providing the highest standard of healthcare, personally tailored to meet your healthcare requirements.

Private GP consults are usually available within 24-48 hours, why wait 2, 3 or more weeks to be seen when we can see you at short notice.

We specialise in providing health screening and occupational health services, in modern custom-built consulting rooms with a high level of expertise and personal attention.  Our business clients appreciate the ability to be seen quickly and have access to an efficient city centre service geared around their busy working life’s.

This very personal and service oriented approach also translates to our individual clients who can access our doctors quickly and conveniently for a variety of services.


Healthcare services available at City Health Clinic

Health Screening

Medical Screening tailored to your personal healthcare, with tests that matter from a doctor you can trust. A proactive approach to your healthcare needs and early detection and treatment of any health issue is a vital part of preventative healthcare. Our medicals are tailored to suit specific health risk profiles and assess your general health, well-being and fitness.  From : £310.00​

The UK Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) medicals
On successful completion, the UKOG certification applies to the UK oil and gas industry foremost but this certification is becoming accepted as a worldwide indicator of health and fitness for anyone working in the oil and gas industry. Recently, the Norwegian oil & gas industry (in the North Sea) have started accepting the OGUK certification.

Occupational Health Services​

We provide Independent Occupational Health Assessments to support the employer and employee within the workplace. This can include shot term absences, long term conditions and stress related illness

Driver Medical - HGV, LGV
Group 2 (D4) medicals provided for those requiring an HGV, LGV, PCV, Mini Bus driver and Motor Sports Association (MSA) licence. An affordable price of £90 books a driver medical enabling you to apply for a new licence or in the renewal of your current licence.  A group discount is available.

Climber Medicals & Chester Step

These medicals are for workers who work at heights and for those who access and /or climb to heights. Often requested by an employer as a part of a pre-employment, pre-placement and/or periodic medical and post a significant sickness absence.​

Drug & Alcohol Assessments 
The misuse of drugs and alcohol affects many companies and a drug and alcohol policy protects employees and employers. City Health Clinic can help employers by offering efficient drug screening services to detect all major substance abuse.  Alcohol & Drug screening procedures are performed using urine samples. Where a positive result is found, the post drug test procedures are fully validated and subject to strict quality control processing and further testing under the ‘chain of custody’. 

Please note that we do not offer HAVs medical assessments, paternity testing or travel vaccinations. For travel vaccinations,  travel clinics specialise in this area and we would direct you on this pathway to meet your requirements.