Occupational Health Services

Independent Occupational Health Assessments for  employers and employees

At City Health Clinic, we can:

  • Tailor bespoke occupational healthcare packages after meeting with you to gain a better understanding of your organisation and the staff roles within your business

  • Provide professional input leading to a structured approach for your staffing healthcare requirements

  • Provide short notice Independent Occupation Health Assessments 

  • ​Visit your offices to provide certain services such as flu vaccinations, health educational talks, lifestyle choices etc

Pre-Employment Fit Notes

Pre-employment health assessments are often arranged post job offer and can be based on a paper screening process prior to confirmation of employment.

This can be a confidential health questionnaire with a 24/48 hour turn around, or a pre-employment personal medical assessment.

Where a company opt for a personal medical assessment, this assessment is carried out to determine both the physical and psychological capabilities of the prospective employee measured against specific job role function.

This information allows the employer to ensure that the prospective employees are matched correctly to the proposed job role and specific tasks that this role requires. 

The benefits of this type of assessment are:

  • Informed recruitment and development processes are in place

  • Baseline health measurements are determined

  • Reduce sickness/absence

  • Reduce risk and cost of litigation

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Compliance with current legislation (Equality Act 2010)

Fitness to Work Medicals

​This type of medical is carried out to assess whether an employee can safely perform a specific job or task(s) associated to their related job.

It determines if an employee is medically fit to perform the job or task that they are employed to do and covers the physical, mental capacities & sensory acuity of the employee.

​​Our doctors would report on whether an employee is ‘fit for work’, ‘unfit for work’, or if adjustment is required for an employee where a ‘fit with restriction’ is issued.