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Private Dentist in Edinburgh

City Health Clinic is a dental clinic located in Edinburgh's city centre. We provide high quality and award-winning private dental service as well as cosmetic dental treatments. We have a convenient city centre location (at the south end of Lothian Road) which is easily accessible for those working and living locally. Many of Edinburgh city’s bus routes pass our doors.

We are known for our friendly, modern and professional approach. We offer cutting-edge techniques in preventative care for our private dentist patients combined with full options for cosmetic treatments.


Many of our patients give feedback via Facebook reviews and Google reviews. One recurring theme is that our dentists work exceptionally hard at helping nervous patients and those with dental fear. This is something we as a dental clinic in Edinburgh are very proud of! 


We are an award-winning practice with one of our dentists winning “Dentist of the Year” in the 2017 Scottish Dental Awards. In addition, our team have previously been shortlisted for “Team of the Year” and we have had two further short listings for “Dentist of the Year”.


If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Edinburgh we may be able to help.  These emergency appointments are subject to availability – they are sometimes in great demand and get booked quickly.


Currently, we are able to accept new private dentist patients to our city centre Edinburgh practice. We also offer free consultations for our cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and for adult orthodontic treatments such as teeth straightening.

Benefits of a Private Dentist

As a private dental patient at City Health Clinic, you will receive a number of enhanced services and benefits including:

  • Longer appointment length: more time is spent with your dentist assessing your teeth and discussing your dental treatment options.

  • Flexible appointment times: you can choose appointment times to suit your working day including our early morning and evening appointments. We are open from 8.30am every weekday and offer late appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (until 7 pm).

  • Advanced Dental treatments: Our private dentist patients can access treatments at City Health Clinic which are not available via the NHS. Our modern clinic invests in the latest technology and our dentists are constantly training in new dentistry techniques.

Private Dentist in Edinburgh
  • Greater choice: you can access a wider variety of treatments including a greater range of dental materials that are available on the NHS. You have the freedom to decide exactly which treatment options are right for you.  

  • Access to private patient dental care plans: your dental care can be budgeted over a 12 month period and this includes appointments every 6 months as well as 20% off our cosmetic treatments (excluding promotions and adult orthodontic systems).

  • A preventative approach: looking after your teeth with regular check-ups, hygiene treatments and monitoring can negate the need for expensive treatments down the line. 

  • Access to our sedation service: for those who suffer a dental phobia this allows you to get back on track to dental fitness and health


Cosmetic Dentistry and Adult Orthodontics

At our modern, Edinburgh dental clinic, we specialise in treatments which improve your smile and, with it, your confidence. These include:


Teeth Whitening in Edinburgh

For cosmetic treatments, we offer a full consultation and assessment. You can book this if you are already a patient and also if you are not.


Private ‘Patient Dental Care Plans’

We offer affordable private dental care through our Private Patient Dental Care Plans. Through this, the cost of your dental treatment is budgeted over 12 months. The benefits of joining a  DentalCare Plan include: ​

  • Peace of mind where your dental care is budgeted and paid for over a 12-month period. This means your dental health and fitness is maintained throughout the year.

  • Regular attendance – having a private dentist care plan actively encourages you to attend every 6 months. We know that this is key to preventing long-term problems for your teeth.

  • Regular Hygiene appointments, to improve and maintain your oral health and help avoid gum disease. 

  • Early detection of problems can result in better outcomes and can also avoid the need for more expensive treatment down the line.

  • Affordability – choose a care plan to suit your budget

  • When you join a care plan we offer a 20% discount against our cosmetic dental fees. (Excluding promotions and adult orthodontic systems). 

Private Dentist Care Plans in Edinburgh

Other Ways to Pay

This is a straightforward way to access Private  dental care, you simply pay for your treatment as and when you need it.


If you have a private insurance package that includes provision for dental treatment, check the paperwork to find out if you are able to access independent clinics. We can complete your insurance claim form allowing you to claim back the money you have paid.

Private Patient Dental Care Plans

Affordable private dental care where the cost of your treatment is budgeted over 12 months.

From £16.67 per month 

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