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How to Avoid a Botched Job: Facial Fillers Explained (Part 1)

In the first of her short series “Facial Fillers Explained”, Edinburgh clinician Dr Stephanie Laing explains why she thinks less really is more when it comes to treatment.

How to avoid a trout pout

I’m Dr Stephanie Laing and I’m one of City Health Clinic’s clinicians with a special interest in facial aesthetic treatments. As well as being an experienced dentist, I have undertaken full training in facial aesthetics treatment including lip fillers, dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction treatment (commonly known as Botox). I’m writing a little series of blogs which explain these treatments, starting with facial fillers. Today, I thought I’d start with the question I get asked most often – how can you avoid a botched job when it comes to lip fillers? When clients first come into the clinic to discuss lip treatments, we always start with a chat about the look they are going for. More often than not, the conversation touches on “I don’t want my lips too big” as the client references the latest celebs or social media stars who have gone “too far”. We’ve all seen the pictures online and in magazines – the pouts, the selfies, the young ladies (mostly) with the over-inflated lips that give rise to expressions such as ‘trout pout’ and ‘duck lips’. The rise of social media has definitely driven an upsurge in demand for lip fillers and, in my opinion, too many are ending up with a thoroughly unnatural look. Ladies and gents, I’m here to say “no, this is not what lip enhancement is about”! I can say, hand on heart, that less is more when you’re looking to enhance your lips with dermal filler products. This is always, always the advice I give my clients. A natural augmentation should not be very obvious and it definitely should not distort the lips. The same is true for any facial filler. The best way to avoid “going too far” is that all enhancement work should be a gradual process. I work with my clients to achieve the look they are after, reviewing the results carefully over time. The experience I have has been developed through practicing in facial aesthetics for over 10 years. The one thing I have learnt in that time is that I care about delivering natural lip augmentation. This is true for clients for all adult ages and for both women and men.

Next week, Dr Stephanie Laing will explain all you need to know about the ingredients of facial fillers. You can book to see Dr Stephanie Laing for a FREE facial fillers consultation by visiting our facial aesthetics page.

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