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Taking the time for your face

Award winning dentist, Dr Ciara Sutherland, talks about her careful approach to facial aesthetics treatments. For any ladies or gents interested in anti-wrinkle treatments (commonly known as Botox®) and lip fillers or facial fillers, look out for Dr Ciara’s upcoming clinics in central Edinburgh - details below.

“The last time I had this done across town, the guy only took 5 minutes” – to my absolute shock and horror I often hear this from new clients coming to see me for wrinkle reduction (also known as Botox®) and lip fillers. It is important to remember that these are MEDICAL procedures and should never be treated as a “quick job”. So today, I’d like to run you through how we do things here at City Health Clinic. It’s very different!

Myself and my colleague Dr Stephanie Laing really value our patients and the treatments they are investing in. That’s why we make sure everyone is allocated as much time as possible to have a full consultation before any treatment. That means we always have an open discussion about all things “Botox” and fillers (including what could go wrong). It also means a thorough discussion about medical history, what medications, if any, you are on and what medical conditions you may have and how that might affect your treatment.

We also have a good chat about how you want to look. Even more importantly, we talk about how you DON’T want to look (we are not big fans of the trout pout either!). Photos are always appreciated too – bring in some images of what you like and don’t like. We can look at them together and decide on the best approach for you.

Next, I like to study the face and map it out carefully. This helps me to decide precisely where each injection point should be, taking into careful consideration the precise location of nerves, blood vessels and other anatomical structures that us dentists are so familiar with.

Afterwards, it is not just a case of “that’s you, see ya later”. No, it’s a full description on what your after care should be, all the dos and don’ts, and what to avoid.

You will walk out the door with a sense of satisfaction while holding our aftercare instructions and – one more thing – my business card. On it you will see my own personal email address and I will encourage you to contact me afterwards with any questions or concerns. Or as most of my clients prefer to do, send me a selfie of your gorgeous new lips!

Lip filler & Botox® clinics at our Edinburgh clinic

Join one of Dr Ciara’s special clinics running throughout November. At these sessions, you’ll be treated with exactly the same kind of care, specialist knowledge and time as Ciara describes above. The details are:


Wednesday 7th Nov @ 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Tuesday 13th Nov @ 5.00pm – 7.00pm

Saturday 17th Nov @ 9.30am – 12noon

How to book for Botox® & Lip Fillers clinics:

Bookings are by appointment only and can be booked online with Ciara or call us on 0131 228 2442 and ask for Robyn. You can also email to book on

Special Clinic Prices:

  • Botox® / wrinkle reduction treatment: 1 area £130, 2 areas £170, 3 areas £260

  • Lip fillers or face fillers: £125 for 0.55ml or £195 for 1ml

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