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3 signs of a broken filling

If you're worried you might have broken a filling - whether a white or metal one - it's important to visit your dentist for repair as soon as you can. We've written a short blog here on the 3 most common signs that you've broken a filling.

Signs of a broken filling include sharp pains

Why do fillings crack?

Your teeth are under constant pressure each day from chewing, grinding or clenching which can cause dental fillings to wear, chip or crack. If the seal between the tooth and the filling breaks down, food particles and bacteria can work their way underneath the filling. If this happens you then run the risk of possibly developing decay in that tooth, or the tooth chipping further and breaking down.

How will I know my filling is broken?

If you are aware of the signs of a chipped tooth or a broken filling then you'll know to get yourself to the dentist for an assessment. There are 3 common signs to look out for:

  1. You feel sudden pain in a tooth to hot/cold/biting pressure – this will usually be a sharp pain which disappears after a few seconds. You may find yourself avoiding eating food on the affected side.

  2. You feel a small, hard object in your mouth after biting down on something too hard (you may also be able to hear a crack)

  3. You can feel a crack, hole, or indentation when you run your tongue over your tooth. This crack or hole may also catch on the surrounding tissues (lips, cheeks or tongue) causing them to be sore

What should I do about a cracked filling?

If you think that you may have a broken tooth/filling please book an appointment to see the dentist so they can assess the damage. Your dentist will make a treatment plan for how best to approach restoring your tooth.

You can contact us for emergency appointments if the pain is unbearable, and we can usually fit you in at fairly short notice. Simply contact us to arrange things.

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