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Gorgeous Brighter And Whiter Teeth

Professional teeth whitening in Edinburgh
A safe and popular treatment to brighten up your smile.

Many of us long for a beautiful, natural looking white smile and professional teeth whitening is one of the most effective treatments to achieve this.  


Teeth whitening is a safe, popular and affordable treatment. 

It's also a treatment which can enhance your confidence.​


At City Health Clinic in Edinburgh we use 'Boutique' dental whitening product - a safe effective formula in a convenient to use take home kit.

The special dental whitening gel uses carbamide peroxide as the primary ingredient to brighten your smile and is used by millions of people worldwide. 


Dental impressions are taken to construct bleaching trays of your teeth and take home kits provided so the whitening process can be done at a convenient time in the comfort of your own home to suit your lifestyle.​

Or, if you'd like to discuss with us before booking,  please get in touch here

​What you need to know about teeth whitening



Is teeth whitening Safe?

Yes. Under the supervision of your dentist, whitening your teeth is completely safe. The special whitening gel uses carbamide peroxide as the primary ingredient to brighten your smile and is readily used by millions of people worldwide.

Expect results quickly

You can expect results quickly. However, to obtain the optimum natural whiteness of your teeth, we recommend that you use the home kits every day for 2 weeks.

How does teeth whitening work?

Firstly, we take an impression of your teeth so that custom-made bleaching trays can be made. A special whitening gel is then placed within these comfortable trays which fit closely over your teeth. As the carbamide peroxide in the gel is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentine of your teeth to give a bright, whitening effect by bleaching out discolouration. The structure of your teeth is not changed, they are simply made whiter.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are extremely unlikely, although a small number of people can occasionally experience increased sensitivity to heat or cold during teeth whitening. But this is temporary, and can usually be treated with ibuprofen or another pain relief product. Usually, this sensitivity disappears within 48 hours of the whitening process. It is best to avoid very hot or cold drinks within 48 hours of your whitening treatment.

How long does whitening last?

The duration that your teeth stay whiter does depend largely upon you. Take care to practice good oral hygiene and brush normally, especially after consuming staining foods or beverages. Your results could last for years. However, if you use coffee, tobacco and red wine on a regular basis, you may need periodic top up treatments.

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